Observations from the Powder Room

Monday, March 03, 2008

Seven Years

Well, today Mark and I are celebrating our 7th anniversary. We had the perfect evening out, dinner with the boys in Old Town. Mark, Dylan and Sam picked me up at Metro and everyone was dressed up. Dylan was in his handsome blue blazer and Sam was in a handsome red button down. Papa was in his work clothes and looked handsome too.

At dinner I looked across the table at the three guys and I knew I was where I wanted to be.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dear Santa

Tonight the boys and I worked on their letters to Santa. I won't bore you with the list of gift requests but I thought I would share what they said about being good this year. It took a bit of prompting but the words are their own.

Dear Santa,

I listen to my teacher Miss Laura (at this point I was informed that Laura starts with an "L"). I'm learning to share and wait my turn. I listen to my friend Emily. I'm trying hard to listen better to Blanca. I go potty in the bathroom in the day and I'm working on nighttimes. I'm going to try hard to listen to Mama and Papa better and play nice with Sam.

I would like....

Love, Dylan

Dear Santa,

I listened all day at school. I have been a good boy at my school. My teacher saya I'm doing a good job. I help my friends at school. I'm going to preschool. I'm a little shy. I'm trying to listen to Blanca more and I'm working on playing better with Dylan.

I would like...

Love, Sam

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How Did I Get In Your Belly?

This morning a little before 6 the entire Durpenter clan (including the cat) was in our bed (yes, we were all in one bed). Dylan was still a sleep but Sam had been moving around trying to get the rest of us up for about 15 minutes. At this point Sam turns to me and asks, “Mama, how did I get in your belly?” I looked at Mark who was starting to wake up and said, “Mark…?” When it became apparent that I was on my own I responded to Sam by saying, “Your mommy and daddy made you and Dylan and then we put you in my belly to grow.” I was quite proud of my response, honest but at the appropriate level for a 4.5 year old. Sam put his hands behind his head to contemplate my answer and then shook his head and said, “Naw, I just think you ate something really, really good! That’s how I got in your belly.” He seemed much more satisfied with that answer and I’m OK with it too!!

I should mention that just last week Sam asked how they got out of my belly. He seemed to think that I had just opened my mouth really wide and kind of spit them out. When I told him the doctor had cut my belly to take them out he was a bit concerned. I explained that the doctor gave me medicine and it didn't hurt. That made him happier.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Full Day Kindergarten

I know that Dylan and Sam still have an entire year of preschool before they begin Kindergarten but I just found out that our elementary school has transitioned to a full day program. This is very good news. With a half day program we might have ended up with one child in the morning class and the other in the afternoon class. Not a good set up. We still won't know whether they can be in separate classes until just before school begins but this is a very good start.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sad Farewell to a Good Kitty

Spartakus 1992-2007

My very sweet kitty died today and my heart hurts! Poor Norm, he has been with Spart since they were just a few weeks old, now he's on his own and I think he's sad too.

I was in a meeting this afternoon and a colleague noticed by my cell phone was vibrating. I checked and saw that it was a call from home. I left the meeting to call home and Reina told me that they found Spart dead when they went downstairs for a treat. Obviously I was very upset and worried about the kids finding the kitty.

What makes today even worse is that Spart was not actually dead, he was just very close and we figured this out at around 6pm.

I called the Fairfax Animal Welfare League and luckily one of the technicians was still at the shelter and she willing to wait for me. Mark kept Dylan and Sam entertained while I took Spart to the shelter. Spart was in a coma but whimpering a bit. Everyone at the shelter was very professional and incredibly kind. After signing a few forms I was taken into a room where Suzanne (the technician) explained the process to me and with great care help Spart die
I asked Reina if she was comfortable moving him into his carrier and putting him in the basement bathroom. She was very kind and took care of everything.

When I got home Dylan and Sam asked me if I was sad and I told them I was very sad. Later when we were getting ready for bed the kids started asking a lot of questions. Dylan wanted to know if we could get a dog and Sam thought we should get another cat and name him Spart.

When we were saying our goodnights Sam started asking a lot of questions. He wanted to know where Spart was and if we could visit. He told us that he was very sad. I explained that I was sad to but we could talk about how happy Spart made us and that would make it a bit easier.

Sad day!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bye Bye little bike!

So we decided to give away the baby bikes because the boys got big boy bikes in the winter. I brought one trike in today for our friend Sandy's little girl Natalie. Although we had discussed it the boys seemed to forget and when they went out to play and noticed one trike gone they told Reina it must have been stolen.

The second tricycle is going to Clementine tomorrow and when I put the bike in the car tonight Dylan went to the car and said, "bye little bike I know you'll have lots of fun with Clementine." It was adorable and he seemed very happy to send his little bike off to a new home!!

Second Night in Big Boy Pants

Sam had a successful night last night and we are on to night two in underwear, "Just like Daddy" -- kind of.

Dylan was a bit frustrated that he wasn't dry but he's trying again tonight so he can be a big boy like Sam and cousin Finn.

Wish Dylan luck!!!

Maybe one day I'll blog about something other than the kids...maybe not...

Monday, May 28, 2007

One Dry; One To Go

Big News!!! Sam has been dry three nights in a row. Tonight is the big test...he gets to go to sleep in big boy underwear! It could be a hard night if I have to change sheets but I'm hopeful and I have my fingers crossed.

Dylan is still not quite there but I think when he sees his brother going to bed in big boy underwear he too will get inspired.

We went to the pool on Saturday without swimming diapers and we survived as did the pool.

Perhaps we will say goodbye to all diapers by the middle of the summer. Wish us luck!!